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With Flipnote Studio, you can turn your Nintendo DSi system into an animation studio! You can even post your Flipnotes for others to see, as well as download Flipnotes created by other users.


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Get Flipnote Studio onto your Nintendo DSi

    To get Flipnote Studio on your Nintendo DSi, visit the Nintendo DSi Shop and download it for free! (Your Nintendo DSi must be connected online.)

    1. From the Nintendo DSi Menu, select the Nintendo DSi Shop icon.
    2. Once you are connected to the Nintendo DSi Shop, tap "Start Shopping."
    3. Tap "DSiWare."
    4. Choose the "Free" category, and select "Flipnote Studio" to download it to your Nintendo DSi.
    5. Once the download is completed, return to the Nintendo DSi Menu. Tap the gift box icon that appears, and get ready to start animating!



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Download the instruction manual (PDF)

    This user's guide is built in to Flipnote Studio and can be viewed on your Nintendo DSi by selecting "Help" from the Flipnote Studio main menu. This user guide provides information on creating, saving, and sharing Flipnotes.

    Below is a link to downloadable .PDF version for your reference.

    If prompted, select "Open" to view the manual, or "Save" to save it to your computer for later use. (Adobe Reader required)

    > Flipnote Studio User Manual



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Share Flipnotes with friends

    Send and receive Flipnotes with other nearby Flipnote Studio users by following these easy steps. Once you successfully share a Flipnote with someone wireless, they become your Flipnote friend.

    How to share a Flipnote:

      To send a Flipnote:

    1. Start Flipnote Studio by selecting it from the Nintendo DSi Menu.
    2. Select the location of the saved Flipnote (System Memory or SD Card).
    3. Choose the desired Flipnote you wish to send, then select "Details."
    4. Select "Send," then "Agree." If you wish to prevent other people from altering the Flipnote after you've sent it, select "Lock." If you don't mind if other people alter the Flipnote, select "Don't Lock."
    5. Select "Find Recipient" to begin searching for the other Nintendo DSi systems nearby.
    6. To receive a Flipnote:

    7. Wait on the main menu of Flipnote Studio until the Frog appears with this message, "Receive from <name>." Tap the message to confirm that you would like to receive the Flipnote.
    8. Final step - to be completed by the person sending the Flipnote:

    9. Tap "Yes" to send the Flipnote.

    Additional info: If you would like to learn how to post your Flipnote so others can see it, click here.

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Add sound and music to a Flipnote

    If you'd like to add sound or music to a Flipnote, you can record sound clips right inside Flipnote Studio, or you can import clips directly from the Nintendo DSi Sound application.

    Record Sound Clips

      After creating a Flipnote, tap the "microphone" icon from the Toolbox menu to enter the sound recording area. You will see four boxes: Music, Sound 1, Sound 2, and Sound 3. To begin recording, select any one of these four boxes. Recording will stop automatically at the end of the sound bar.

    Import clips from Nintendo DSi Sound

    1. From the Settings menu, turn Advanced Tools "ON." You will not be able to important clips unless Advanced Tools are set to "ON."
    2. After creating a Flipnote, tap the "microphone" icon from the Toolbox menu to enter the sound recording area. You will see four boxes: Music, Sound 1, Sound 2, and Sound 3.
    3. At least one of these four boxes must be empty and available in order to import your clip from Nintendo DSi Sound.
    4. Press and hold the L button and you'll see sound balloons appear in the available boxes.
    5. Tap a sound balloon, select a clip and then tap "Import this sound."

    Add sound to your Flipnote

      Music: sounds in this box will automatically be added to your Flipnote.

      Sound 1, Sound 2, Sound 3: to add these sounds to your Flipnote, you must click the blue arrow while the Flipnote is playing.

    Remove sound from a Flipnote

      Once you're recorded a sound into your Flipnote, a "red flag" icon will appear to the left of the sound clip. Tap the "red flag" icon to remove the sound from the Flipnote.

    Erase sound clips

      Tap the "red starburst" icon of the clip you want to erase. The icon is located to the right of the sound clip.


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Information Regarding the End of the Flipnote Hatena Service

With the upcoming release of the new Nintendo 3DS application, Flipnote Studio 3D, Nintendo discontinued the Flipnote Hatena community available to users of Flipnote Studio on the Nintendo DSi system. This service ended on May 31, 2013. You can still use the Flipnote Studio application on your Nintendo DSi system, but you can no longer upload and share your flipnote creations Flipnote Studio.

Thank you for contributing to and building the wonderful Flipnote Hatena community. We apologize for any inconvenience caused by the discontinuation of the services. If you enjoyed Flipnote Hatena, you might be interested in Flipnote Studio 3D.


Note: Flipnote Hatena was operated by the Japanese Web service provider Hatena Co., Ltd.
Your Hatena ID will continue to be valid for other services provided by Hatena Co., Ltd.























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