Nintendo DSi & Nintendo DSi XL - First Time Set Up

The first time you use a new Nintendo DSi system, you will be taken through an initial setup. Below is a description of the process.

  1. When the Nintendo DSi is powered on for the first time, tap "OK" on the "Please enter your settings" screen.
  2. Go through the following settings and select "OK" from the lower-right on each screen.

      Select Language: Tap the desired language (English is selected by default. The first selection is English, the second is French, and the third is Spanish.)

      Country: Tap your country of residence. Use the up/down arrows to scroll through the list. (The countries displayed are based on the region for which the system was intended to be sold.)

      Date: Tap the up/down arrows to adjust the date.

      Time: Tap the up/down arrows to adjust the time, then tap "OK" to confirm. (Time is in military time, which is based upon a 24 hour clock. If it's evening, make sure the time is being entered correctly. For example, 6:00 p.m. is 18:00).

      User Nickname: Tap "OK," then use the on-screen keyboard to enter the desired User Nickname. (This User Nickname will be displayed in PictoChat and on DS Download Play, so it should not contain personal information.)

      Message: Tap "OK," then use the on-screen keyboard to enter your personal message. (This message appears when you use PictoChat, so try something like a short greeting.)

      Birthday: Tap "OK," then tap the up/down arrows to enter your birth date.

      Color: Tap "OK," then select one of the color circles on the screen to set the default color for the Nintendo DSi menu.

      Parental Controls: Select "Settings" to enter Parental Controls, or select "Quit" to end the initial setup with Parental Controls disabled.