Important Note:
We highly recommend you review the following precautions before you set up and operate your Nintendo system:

What part of playing your Nintendo DS do you need assistance with?

Inserting and playing a Nintendo DS Game Card game

  1. If this is the first time you are using your Nintendo DS, make sure the internal battery is fully charged before using. Please click here for help charging the battery.
  2. Make sure that the power is turned OFF on the Nintendo DS.
  3. With the game's label side facing down, insert either a DS Game Card into the DS Game Card Slot or a Game Boy Advance game into the Game Pak Slot, and slide it into place until it clicks. DO NOT FORCE the Game Card into the slot on the Nintendo DS. The Game Card will load easily when inserted correctly.

  4. Carefully lift up the screen into the open position.
  5. Press down on the power button (located to the left of the bottom screen), to turn the power ON.
  6. Tap the screen using the stylus when the "Touch the Touch Screen to continue" message appears. You can also push the A Button, instead.

    • If the system settings are set to Automatic Start-Up, the game will automatically load. If both a DS Game Card and an AGB Game are inserted, only the DS Game Card will load. If you wish to play the AGB Game, you will need to remove the DS Game Card.
    • If the system settings are set to Manual Start-Up, you will see indicators for the DS Game Card slot and the Game Pak slot. Tap the stylus within the card slot indicator window (the rectangle) to start the game.

Changing "Start-up Mode" (switching between "Automatic" or "Manual" play)

    Users can set the Nintendo DS for a "Manual" or "Automatic" setting. With the Manual setting, the main menu will be displayed when the Nintendo DS is turned on. This allows the user to access the DS menu functions (such as changing settings or using PictoChat). With the Automatic setting, if a Nintendo DS Game Card is inserted into the system, the game will automatically boot up when the Nintendo DS is turned on, bypassing the main menu functions. To switch between Manual or Automatic:

    1. Remove all games from the Nintendo DS.
    2. Turn the system on by pressing the POWER button.
    3. Tap the screen using the stylus when the "Touch the Touch Screen to continue" message appears.
    4. When the main menu appears, tap the stylus on the Settings Menu Panel at the bottom middle part of the screen.
    5. Tap the Options icon.
    6. Tap the Start-up Mode icon.
    7. Tap the top box for "M Manual Mode" or the bottom box for "A Auto Mode" and tap the "Confirm" rectangle.
    8. Wait for the confirmation message to disappear, then tap "Go Back," then "Quit," then "Yes" to exit. The unit will shut down automatically to save the settings.


Removing a Nintendo DS Game Card

    To remove the game card, press down slightly on the Game Card in the DS Game Card Slot. The card should spring up slightly. Grab the card by the edge and remove it from the system.