Congratulations on Your Successful Connection Test!

Complete the Update

  • Depending on which menu version you're updating from and the speed of your Internet connection, the update could take up to a few minutes.
  • If it takes longer than a few minutes, and the progress bar is no longer moving, you should power off the system and attempt the update again (don't worry - even though the message says not to power the system off during the update, it's safe to do so if your progress has stopped).

Review the User Agreements

You will be asked to read and agree to the Nintendo 3DS Service User Agreement and Privacy Policy. If you need to access the agreements later, they are found in the "Internet" settings menu.

What's Next!

  • You now have access to your Friend List, messages and updates, and wireless game play over the Internet.

    Social and wired like no Nintendo system before it!
    Play and communicate with other people registered as your friends via the Internet, no matter how far away they are.
    Get updates as soon as they're available!
    You can receive information or system updates even during game play or while the system is in Sleep Mode.
    Online Multiplayer with Anyone!
    You can wirelessly connect to the Internet to play specially designed games against people from all over the world.
    Download Nintendo 3DS software!
    Browse the Nintendo eShop and download classic games from previous handheld systems, Nintendo DSiWare, or brand new games and software available exclusively for the Nintendo 3DS.
    The web at your fingertips!
    With the Nintendo 3DS Internet Browser, you can surf the web, check your e-mail, and keep up with what your friends are doing on your favorite social networking sites, all within the palm of your hand.

    Important! Make sure you have the latest Nintendo 3DS system update for access to the latest features and applications! (How to update)


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