How To
All of the information you need to set up your system for the first time, including instructions on how to connect your system to the Internet.
System & Accessories
Everything you need to know about operating your Nintendo 3DS, including detailed information about using your accessories.
Internet Connection
Step-by-step instructions on connecting your Nintendo 3DS to the Internet, allowing you to use services, perform system updates, and more.
System Settings
Information on configuring your Nintendo 3DS, including parental controls, system transfers, and more.
Nintendo eShop
Detailed instructions on adding funds, purchasing items, downloading content, browsing the Nintendo eShop, and more.
Guides for using your favorite applications, including Swapnote, Nintendo 3DS Camera, the Internet browser, and many other applications.
Help with using Nintendo 3DS games, applying game updates, using AR cards, participating in the Ambassador program, and more.