How to Download Replacement AR Cards and Booklet


Step by step instructions on how to download replacement AR Cards and Booklet.


For the best results, use the following tips:

  • Please carefully cut out the printed area.
  • Please print on Letter size sheets.
  • Always print in color.
  • Please avoid using glossy papers. We recommend using matte finish papers.
  • Please use heavier (thicker) papers as wrinkles can affect performance.
  • We recommend the use of inkjet printers.
  • These graphics are for personal use only. Please do not modify, transfer, or distribute them.
  • Do not magnify AR images when printing.


What to do:

Below you will find links to downloadable versions of the AR Cards that were included with the Nintendo 3DS. They are available to download as a complete set in a .zip file, or as individual .PDFs. You can then print them for use with AR Games.

Complete set

Individual AR Cards:

AR Booklet (Spirit Camera: The Cursed Memoir):

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