Request a New Shipping Label

Trying to send in your system for repair, but can't find your shipping label? You're in the right spot.

Fill out the form below to request a new shipping label. We will send an email to you that includes a link to your new shipping label, along with instructions on how to send in your system for repair. Please enter your information in the fields below, and then click "Continue."


    You can use this form if:
    • Your repair order is already set up (with a US shipping address).
    • You do not have, or cannot find, your original repair order email from us.
    • You no longer have the shipping label that you printed, or your link has expired.


Please complete this form (all fields required):

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*Most repair orders are set up with UPS inbound shipments. If you're not sure if your order qualifies, you can enter your repair order information to find out.