Nintendo GameCube Repair Information

If troubleshooting did not resolve your situation, then your system will need to be to be repaired, or troubleshooting will have indicated a part or accessory needs to be replaced. Please use the information below to determine what options are available.


  • Repairs for Nintendo GameCube Systems:
    Residents of the US and Canada can have their Nintendo GameCube systems repaired by Nintendo. A repair fee of $50.00 (US and Canada) will be charged for systems outside of the 12-month warranty period. To set up a repair, please call 1-800-255-3700.

  • Finding Replacement Parts and Accessories:
    For information on replacing an accessory or finding a replacement part for a Nintendo GameCube, please click here.

  • Nintendo GameCube Disc Replacement:
    For information on replacing a Nintendo GameCube Game Disc, please click here.