Congratulations! Your Connection Test was Successful.
Congratulations on Your Successful Connection Test!

Now that you’ve connected your Wii console online, there are just a few more steps before you can begin using your Wii console’s online features.

Complete the Update

  • Depending on which menu version you’re updating from and the speed of your Internet connection, the update could take a few minutes.
  • If it takes longer than a few minutes, and the progress bar is no longer moving, you should power off the system and attempt the update again (don’t worry - even though the message says not to power the system off during the update, it’s safe to do so if your progress has stopped).
  • If the download still doesn’t complete, click here for troubleshooting.

Review the User Agreements

You will be asked to read and agree to the User Agreements before you can go online. If you need to access the agreements later, they are found in "Internet" settings menu (more info).

What’s Next!

You now have access to downloadable games, latest news, and videos about Nintendo products, and even streaming movies and TV shows directly to your TV.

Watch movies and TV shows with Netflix on your Wii!
For as little as $7.99 a month, instantly stream as many movies and TV episodes you want to your TV via your Wii console.
Use your Wii console to browse the Internet!
Plus-sized navigation buttons and a handy zoom feature make viewing websites a breeze.
Your guide to the world of Nintendo!
Watch videos, download demo games, see what others think of games and rate them yourself, see developer interviews, and more.
Download channels and games with the Wii Shop Channel!
Download additional Wii Channels or explore hundreds of classic video game hits and innovative new games, available only for download to the Wii console.
Play online with anyone over the Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection!
Play games online with friends and family from across the block or around the globe.
Explore Wii Channels and find out what your Wii can do!
Wii is far more than just a game console. Explore Wii Channels and you’ll find them packed with entertainment and information that the whole family can enjoy.


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