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Looking for news, descriptions, or ratings on upcoming or released games for Wii and Nintendo DS? Check out the Games section on for all the latest news. While you're there, try the easy-to-use "Gameguide" that lets you sort by different categorizes such as game genre, ESRB rating, and other options.

If you're looking for stores that sell new or used games for Nintendo's many systems, click here to view our "Where to Buy" info for some tips.

Game Play Help
If you're having trouble beating that boss or finding all those hidden coins, visit our Game Play assistance page for a list of available resources that could help get you back on track.

Troubleshooting and Repair
Is your game not operating correctly or in need or repair (such as scratched discs, dirty pin connectors, etc.), please use the links near the top of the page for "Support" information for our various systems. Follow the troubleshooting available to get you back to playing. If a repair or replacement is necessary, you will be provided with information on what repair options are available.

We have a variety of free downloadable .PDF manuals for many Nintendo-published titles. To see the available list, click here. If you'd prefer to purchase a replacement copy, visit for availability and pricing.