The new Nintendo 3DS Image Share service makes it easy to show off your unique Animal Crossing™: New Leaf or Tomodachi Life creations. Share to Twitter, Tumblr or Facebook—or all three at the same time. Snap photos of your home, your designs, fun events…you name it!

Sharing photos with your family and friends is easy and fun. Add comments and tags to your photos and post them to multiple sites at the same time.

Compatible with:

* Your Nintendo 3DS or Nintendo XL system needs to be connected to the Internet.
* You must have an account in order to use Twitter, Tumblr or Facebook. Please note that you may only post images and comments using Nintendo 3DS Image Share
You must access your Twitter, Tumblr or Facebook accounts separately to update account information or edit and/or delete your posts.

From QR Code
You can also access the Image Share site by taking a photo of this QR code with your Nintendo 3DS.

Scan the QR Code on the left with the camera of Nintendo 3DS to access the site.
1) Press L or R Button on your Nintendo 3DS to activate the camera on HOME Menu.
2) Touch the on the bottom left
3) Scan the QR Code on the left with the camera
From Nintendo 3DS Bookmarks
Open “Nintendo 3DS BookMarks” from Favorites in the Internet Browser and click on the link within the page.
  • Step 1

    Take a screenshot while playing Animal Crossing: New Leaf by pressing the L and R Buttons at the same time.
  • Step 2

    Open the Internet Browser from your HOME Menu and go to https://i.nintendo.net/.
  • Step 3

    Log in to your Twitter, Tumblr or Facebook account.
  • Step 4

    Select your image, add a caption, and press “Post.” That’s it!
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